Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best and Worst of 2011

Thought idd do a roundup of whats good and bad from 2011. I did it last year, so its time for a new list. So, whats the WORST and BEST stuff of 2011 - lets take a look:

The Best (in random order):

Not really a surprise huh? Note that its not just Whistler Bikepark, but the Whistler area itself. This area has the best crafted trails I have ever ridden. The amount of work, passion, and design that went into these trails is just amazing. From A-Line in the Bikepark, to River runs through it in the Whistler mountains I need to get back to this place.
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Single Front-Ring setup
Someone out there might say; "Single ring wont work on my trails because that would make them unridable" I though that as well, but after a few months, I was riding trails that I never though was possible without a small ring in the front. It makes you a stronger rider, and simplifies a few things in the process as well.
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RockShox Boxxer R2C2 2011
Amazing performance, and a true joy to use. This fork really surprised me. When I did the classic parking lot test, I thought to myself; it feels stiff, and it wont work for my riding. Out on the trails, in the bikeparks, it came to life and put my parking-lot-test-doubt to shame, it was like cutting a warm knife through butter, when it came to the trails. And there I was, thinking my Fox Float 36 was plush..
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Honorable Mention: Life Cycles movie - (the Seasons chapter). Besides hosting sick riding, it features some of the most beautiful motion picture I have ever seen, combine that with a custom score just for this 5 minute chapter, and you have some of the best mtb footage ever created. Its downright emotional. 
I hate to link to this, because this chapter needs to be seen on a big tv, in a high quality -anyway, watch the chapter  here.

The Worst (in random order):

Poor carbon design
While im definitely a believer in its strength to weight ratio, it has to be coupled with a very important factor; Good design. It was a lack of good design that lead to 2 carbon frame failures in a short period of time. Last time I broke a carbon frame was the S-Works Enduro, had it had a different design, that could cope with the rigors of AM, then I would propably still be riding that bike. Dear industry, make use of carbon, but do so wisely.
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Poor trail design
I don't know where you ride, perhaps you are lucky, and have some sweet trails to ride, designed by some  passionate mountain bikers. I'm afraid that I'm not in such situation. I continue to see poor use of terrain, features that are badly executed, a lack of continuity, and overall ill design. The quality of the official trails in the country I live in, is mind bugling poor, and there are no excuses for it to be this way. A thick fog of conservatism has corrupted the official trail building scene, and pretty much nobody does anything about it - because nobody really questions it. This picture wraps it up nicely:
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The 26" vs 29" debate
Its getting old, and it no longer brings anything new to the table, and I noted that the debate most often is spoken and fueled by 29" purists or 26" purists - and that doesn't do the debate any good. Let it be, lets move on, its about wheel size, now get over it.
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(Dis)honorable Mention - The long winter of 2011 - I dont know how the winter was where you where, but it sure was long and snowy over here. It was a big kick in the nuts, the best trails where unridable, and I was getting insane due to the lack of riding. Suddenly I was forced to look my girlfriend in the eyes and actually speak to her. Lets hope this comming  winter will be more calm.

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  1. I love the part about poor trail design in Denmark. Living on Funen doesn't make it any better