Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: E-Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

Ive taken the E-Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide through its paces, so much so that I can do a review.

Im done being letdown in terms of chain loss, and the bash plate has proved it can withstand brutal impacts. Sure there are several other chain devices that can also fulfill those criteria, but where the LG1+ really excels is in its user friendliness. All the subtle design details mean that it’s a joy to work with, and thanks to the range of adjustments on offer it also fits a massive range of frame designs. The fact that it also happens to be one of the lightest systems is just an added bonus.

Its taken a few very hard direct hits in the bikepark sessions not long ago, like, the only thing that touched the rock was the taco guard itself (!), and the guard shook it off with a smile. At worst, I had to re-adjust the screws that keeps it on the ISCG, it took 1 minute, but other than that it just continued, nothing got broken. There is no real rocket science to this device, so all im going to say is, that it works really good.

Propably the lightest chainguide/bashguard system out there.
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Honey comb design ditches weight, but keeps the guard strong.
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Indicators for front ring size:
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The bashguard has taken a good beating, but its still going strong.
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The E-Thirteen LG1+ does its job, the fact that its silent, adds to the score.
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The good:
-Light weight
-Silent if set up properly
- Easily change chains and chainrings without removing wearplates

The Bad:
-Silly expensive

Score: 5/6


  1. Are you using a 36 ring? Do you think that a 34 is too small? With 10 speeds at the rear?

  2. Hi there, im actually using a 32t ring up front. Fits very well for my riding.