Monday, July 4, 2011

New Vid: PARK

I did a vid from our latest bikepark trip. Footage from 3 days, in 2 different German bikeparks, boiled down to 3 minutes. be sure to check out the crashes as well in the end of the vid. Enjoy:

Do me a favor and watch the higher resolution version:

Embedded version:

Think it turned out ok, I intentionally left out all music, and wanted the sound-side of things to be as "raw" as possible. Its been fun cutting this vid together, but I was once again reminded of 2 things; A) Of all the footage we shoot, below 1% is actually used. B) Making a vid is very time consuming, no matter what I try to speed up the process. Tell me what you think in the comments section, comments does not require a log-in.


  1. Awesomely fun vid as usual. What editing software are you using?

  2. Thanks : ) Im using Premiere Pro, the "Park" title was made in 3D Studio Max.

  3. I usually get bored with POV bike movies, but this was entertaining and made me want to go ride those parks

  4. very nice video.

    Really liked the «raw» sound

  5. Thanks man, im actually a bit surprised that im getting so good feedback on the "raw" sound. I thought it would turn alot of people off. Good to be wrong : )

  6. liked the sound only so-so; refreshing to not have to listen to someones favorite music drowning all the riding sounds out, but the sounds are very "flat", as if they're all recorded in a small room from very nearby. They don't convey a sense of spaciousness I would expect from being outdoors in the wide open.
    Video was cool, but like most of the time with the small personal cameras a bit unsteady.

    My attempts at making a video (Premiere Pro) were also very time consuming, I didn't find a way to speed it up yet, aside from taking extensive notes while going through your base footage...

  7. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. Funny you mention notes, this was my first time making notes while going through my footage, helped speed things up a little bit, and made it more easy for me to orient around all the clips, and it gave me an idea what direction I should take this video. However, it still took a long time.