Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hardtail Hell

So, im currently without a bike, well, I do have a backup frame, so... BAM! there it is, my current ride:
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Its like being bombed back to the stone age - the most inefficient rear wheel tracking there is, and im stuck with it until the new frame arrives. The headangle is about 73 degree, and that does absolutely nothing for me, im not being negative, it just doesn't. The seattube diameter is small, so I cant fit my adjustable seatpost either. Bummer.
The frame is a Merida, they are actually big players, they weld Specialized frames as well. The model is the TFS, it has a nice low toptube, that invites you to play around. It climbs well, but I truly dont feel any advantage compared to the Enduro and its horst link. Im not faster on the climbs or anything. As I said before, im back to the stone age - and it hurts to be here.

Dropped the seat here, before entering a fun tech section, dont blame me for not trying ; )
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Installed my millenium bar (750mm), works surprisingly well for xc hardtail riding, even tho' I do pretty much no aggressive riding at all right now. Installed nc17 mag pedals as well. Other than that its all flimsy xc gear - it does its job, for xc. Man do I look forward to get the new ONE frame from Canfield Brothers.
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Speaking of the Canfield brothers, and to end this post with some stokage, you should check out this vid. Its Chris and Lance (guys behind Canfield Brothers)  ripping it up, and I really do mean RIPPING:

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