Friday, February 25, 2011

Vids of 2010

Better late than never, here is a compilation of the vids I did in 2010.

So 2010 started with 2 test video's with the Casio FC100, cool thing about this cam is that it has the ability to shoot up to a 1000 pics a second(!), for the first two movies I settled with 210 pics, as I wanted to keep the quality as nice as possible. This vid shows early 2010 riding, and even has rare in-country dh session footage in the end:

So this is the second High speed test vid, it came out pretty good, and I really like the exploding tree stumps in the end - came out great:

Source was meant to be a true All Mountain video, and I'm happy how it turned out - considering its all self-filmed. However I wish Idd shot some more footage riding in the breathtaking scenery, instead I somewhat ended up using the footage that doesn't really showcase the huge mountain and the surroundings. Bummer - but I learned my lesson. The video edits and music edits took forever to get right, but it was a fun project, and this video reminds me of the best mountain bike riding I have ever done. Almost to a nostalgic degree:

I usually don't release unfinished projects, but I really didn't feel I could do any thing else but, with the "Trail riding - Fall 2010" vid. I started to film in the mid-fall, and ended it late fall, realizing I had to cut it where it was, the forest light changed so much that proper continuity wasn't longer possible. It came out ok, but for some odd reason my skills truly accelerated after the end of the shooting of this movie, and I feel somewhat distant to its content today. The mix between high speed and normal speed had a mixed reception, I for one like it, I do however acknowledge room for improvement:

I had loads and loads of unused footage from bikeparks and general riding on my harddisk, and after our trip to Winterberg, I just had to mix it all up into a small vid. Chainsmoker was actually made, from start to finish, in just 2 weeks, thats pretty fast considering some vids take several months (eg Source). The video edit file itself actually crashed in the very late edit fase, and everything got deleted. I did a huge facepalm, took a deep breath, and released what I had so far, luckily I was so late into the production, that its almost not noticable that this is in fact a "beta-edit". The trained eye might catch a few glitches here and there:

So thats it, I hope to shoot alot more in 2011, im looking into some new vid-gear, that im getting pretty excited about, so stick around. All Mountain Next.


  1. I was one of those who commented on the switching between high- and normalspeed. And must say after watching it again. I actually like it better second time around! Nice with "just" a man and his bike!!
    Lars Boes

  2. the above comment was on "Trail riding - Fall 2010"
    Lars Boes

  3. Nice videos, and a great job with that Enduro!
    I'm have a 2011 Enduro Expert and I'm looking for a coil to see how it behaves! But for now, I'm waiting for a surgery to my knee (acl rupture), hoping that for summer i'll back to my bike!

  4. @Lars Boes, thanks bro, glad you liked it a bit better second time around : )

    @Garcia, I see that the coil-mounts for the 2011 Enduros are slowly showing up, finally, I think it will do a whole lot for the bike, so definitely go for it if you like to ride hard.

  5. I´m looking for new handlebar for my Enduro but I'mm not sure what rise to choose, what is your opinion?
    The handlebar is the Renthal Fatbar (cut to 76 cm) and should I choose te 20mm rise or the 38mm rise?
    I know that this is a personal choice but I would like to know your opinion.

  6. Well that depends. If you have a stem thats, say 8-degree downsweep, you could go with the 20mm, and if that feels too low, you could flip the stem, and get a higher rise that way. (and the other way around if you choose to go for the 38mm rise, and have a upsweep stem.)

  7. I have the Duo Stem from Renthal that have 10' rise, so the 20mm handlebar should be ok!?
    Thank's for the info!