Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter all mountain riding

So I'm back on the FOX DHX 4.0 coil rear shock, and its been a joy to play around the descends and jumps. The climbs has gotten a bit harder tho', and it bothers me that the shock never really settles when riding - its always doing something. Nonetheless the rides recently has been friggin awesome, one of the trips even offered one hell of an all-day ride where we cashed in 6 hours and 20 minutes of trail time..not bad for a winter ride! I'm ready for more.

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Wait a minute, isn't that?? Well yes it is...
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Thomas trying out a natural drop:
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The spitfire in action:
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Working the whip, we really need a proper jump to practice it, with a proper kicker, and a whip-friendly landing.
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  1. Really nice. We share the same passion.

    Very nice skills, and great trails. I will try to make something similar to this blog, about trails I ride...

    Happy trails...