Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: Crank Brothers Joplin 3

There is a story prior to this review. Thing is I already did a Joplin review a few years back on another site. Back then everything was dandy. The Joplin worked as it should, seemed reliable, and the mechanics was working as it should. All that spawned a very positive review, that I ended up posting online.... Then the problems started.
The Joplin began to feel spongy, and was very sensitive to wet elements, it also leaked large amounts of oil - resulting in a bad overall funktion. I sent it in for repairs, not once, not twice, but 3 times! The problems kept coming back, and I started to feel like I was wasting my time. (It also taught me that long term testing is really the best way to go). The third repair installed 2010 internals into the Joplin. But the minute I got it back from the repair shop, I immediately put it in my store room...waaay back into the store room.. Instead I use my Pure Racing KS 900i, its in a whole different league.

So there you have it, this little story is actually a review on its own.

The good:
-You might be very lucky and get an example that wont break. Ive actually know of one such example. And having this point under "good" is somewhat silly anyway.

The bad:
- Reliability. Dont waste your time, or money.
- 75mm of adjustability is not enough for AM.

Score: 1/6

Pretty lightweight for an adjustable post.
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Good Post. Bad post. Its your choice.
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  1. Hey man. Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thinking of getting a kind i900 with lever adjust. I like the fact that there is no cable to route to the handlebars. However, how easy is a lever adjust to use on the fly? Is it something to get used to or pretty intuitive? Thanks,

  2. Hi there Matt, thanks for the kind words.

    It takes a few rides to get used to the lever activation, but after a month you'll even be able to do in the midst of a tough tech section. Just think about it; all you have to do is to let your bar go, with one hand, for less than a second.

  3. Cool. Thanks! I am definitely going to pick one up as a reward to myself. Currently at home recovering from sinus surgery and your blog has been one of my sources of entertainment!

  4. You are welcome, glad you enjoy the blog, healing wibes out : )