Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Mountain Next turns 1 year old!

So, the blog turns 1 year old. And I thought I would write down a few words about the how-abouts of this blog - where it stands, and where its heading. Its been a fun year to say the least. Its also been a hectic year with lots of travel, and rides, from the mountain peaks of Slovakia and Poland, to some awesome new "local" lines. Alot of new gear as well - from the Leatt Brace, to the SIXC crankset, some of the gear failed, others offered new standards. So..

How it all started.
As an avid mountainbiker I often got new gear for my bike, and more importantly got myself into exciting mtb trips. My mtb buddies often carry a camera, and so do I. So there I was, with a continues flow of new gear, and alot of pictures and snippets of video on my hands. I thought that I might just as well share the pics, and write my thoughts about the gear I got into my hands. After thinking abit about it, I decided to go for it. All Mountain Next was born.
Just as intended I started to post pics and write about gear. I didn't want to focus on mtb-news per se as I knew other websites did that better than I could ever do. So it was all about the riders and gear - with an hands-on approach. This proved to be a success. It started with a very small following, with 300 visitors a month, mainly friends, today its at 1500 visitors a month, and still rising. Not bad for a amateur blog covering a niche branch of the sport.

Where its at.
Alot of reviews, previews, and 100's of pictures later, this blog has found its bedrock. The use of a 0-6 scoring system proved to be easy to work with when reviewing stuff, and pretty straight forward. The focus on weight, and always putting stuff on a scale was gracefully received as well - its a no bull-shit approach, and my weight-measurements has even been quoted on other websites. Kinda fun to see. The use of pictures has increased during the short life time of this blog, but its found its own standing ground as well.

Where its going.
All Mountain Next is going as strong as ever, 81 posts later and its not slowing down. The focus will still be gear and stuff for the bike, as well as picturised reports from the trails in interesting places. I plan to post some more vids from the rides, just short ones without any edits, I think it could add a bit more entertainment, as well as some real-life riding into it, that most riders can relate to. But overall, ill continue to roll the stuff as usual. I'm always open for suggestions, so shoot away! The commentary section does not require any sign in. So go ahead and write.
So, thanks for all the great feedback! I hope for a even better year in 2011 for All Mountain Next.
Now go out and ride.


  1. You did a great job with your blog!
    If you would like to see what are we doing In the Azores with our bikes follow us on!

  2. I found your blog on the mtbr forums and I've enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great stuff. Enjoying reading about your trips. Looking forward to the next harz trip in af couple of month!!