Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trail riding ... in the snow!

Yearh, the white stuff hit us way earlier than any of us expected. Still, we went for a ride, and had alot of fun. The trail was slippery as hell, glad I had the right tires for the job. Mikkel on the other hand, well lets just say he struggled a bit more ; )

Hello snow, its been a while.
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The tools:
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We had alot of fun on a steep ascend, we ran it over and over, this stuff was slippery as hell, just made it all alot more technical and fun. Mikkel giving it a go. 
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Pointing the bike downwards was also bit more challenging than usual, a small layer of ice and snow had settled on the trail
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Giving it a go, good thread pays off. I did eject more than once tho' due to balance issues ; )
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Mikkel doing his "Oh fuck I wont make it, I better grab that tree"-move : D
(10 sek, raw footage)

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