Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Maxxis Swampthing 2.35"

This is a tough workhorse that just wants to propel you forward when things get ugly. The nobby and pointy profile gives alot of rolling resistance, so dont expect an easy roller. But you get rewarded with a very good grip in challenging terrain. The big distance between the knobs give the tire some room to work with the soil, so that it really can get it "under the nails" - and then throw it all away again, so it doesnt pack up. The rubber spikes have different sizes and heights, all in the sake of grip. The braking capabilities are good, and predictable - so is the performance. Its not a light tire, but its not redicules heavy either. I do want to mention that the Maxxis Swampthing is a pain in the ass to install or even worse: to get it off - cant tell you why, it just is.
If you need a tire that grabs onto dirt, sand, mud, roots, even snow - and youre not an obsessive weight weenie - then this tire is a really good contender for a good and solid performing rear tire for the fall and winter. I wouldnt recommend this tire for the xc or trail rider, but if you ride aggressively in the winter time, with technical climbing, then this tire might just be for you. I wouldnt use it for anything else than fall/winter time, where this tire really can show what it can do for you.

Size:2.35" (Single Ply 60a)
Tested on: Rear
Claimed weight: 730 gram
Actual weight: 784 gram
Score: 4/6

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