Sunday, October 17, 2010

Winterberg 2010 part 3/3

A few thoughts on the DH track. Its on the shorter side, upper section is a bit too easy, so are the almost non-existing rockgardens, and there are almost no roots or rocks to be seen. Now I might sound a bit negative, but heres an odd twist to it all; its a blast to ride! Its a very fast DH trail, with drops and jumps all the right places and some nice drifty turns, and there is just something very fun riding this iXS approved track. Still a bit sad that I didnt shoot a single pic on this course.

Back to the roadgap. After a lot of inspection, Hilmer and Fredde went for it:
Hilmer on the Continental track, noone could keep up with this guy here:
(click to enlarge)
Fredde gaps a line on the Continental, you could litterly ride beneath an airborn rider here.
Some more slopestyle action, I give the box a try. Winterberg is heavily gravity fed:
(click to enlarge)
Ole on his Demo 8. Speaking of the Demo, this place was plastered with Demo's and Canyon Torque's, they where everywhere! Some of the more rare bikes we saw here was a smokin hot 951, a white Canfield Brothers DH rig, and a Santa Cruz Driver 8, they might be often spottet in the US or Canada, but its a rare breed here.
(click to enlarge)

Im really looking forward to revisit Winterberg, if you have an opportunity to do so as well, then go for it  - its the German Whistler ; )

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