Friday, October 15, 2010

Winterberg 2010 part 2/3

The Rockshox Slopestyle in Winterberg had plenty to offer, whether you are into tricks or freeride, this place had it all. Good place to push some limits, and see locals do stuff we usually only see in bike movies.

Go crazy here, make your own line, and grab some air:
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Plenty of sizes to choose from:
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Some of the locals here where rippers! Check it out:
Besides doing 360's, and tuck no handers, this guy did this huge step-up onto the box, then dropped it nicely afterwards:
This dude took the biggest drop in the slopestyle section, he was the only guy we saw doing it, props for that:
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Fredde nose dived on one of the bigger drops (I guess it was like 3-4 meters), and slammed head-first into the ground, I was standing with my camera nearby, and saw it all unfold. Sick ,sick, crash! My first thought; thank god he was wearing his Leatt Brace - The first thing Fredde said when the dust settled was: "Thank god I was wearing my Leatt Brace!!" : ) Anyway, besides some minor scratches on the helmet, and a broken visor, he walked it off, and we went on with our day. Now go get that brace, it fucking saves your ass:
Next up, roadgap:
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