Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winterberg 2010 part 1/3

I went to Winterberg this weekend, well actually, we where 5 guys taking the trip. Now Winterberg isnt just another bikepark in Germany, its actually critically acclaimed as the best bikepark in Germany. So we went out to find out if it really is.
So is it? Well Ive been to a few bikeparks these last two years, and this is by far, the best place ive ridden!

I shot some pics here, and thats all dandy and all, the bad news is that I only covered like 5% of whats to offer here, and I didn't even shoot a single pic of the DH trail, or the fourcross - both offered some of the best moments here. Kinda sad about that, but im sure that ill return here next year and make up for it. Ok, nuff' rambling, lets get it on:

Ive come addictively accustomed to see my feet dangle like this, the 2010 season has been so friggin awesome : )
Junior, on one of the many drops scattered over the bikepark:
(click to enlarge)
The Continental track was massive fun, tables, doubles, a bit northshore, cross jumps, corner jumps and shit load of berms. But the best part; its a real skill booster:
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Fredde inside a berm:
(click to enlarge)
The continental track was the single most giving track for me regarding skill development, I rode it like a retard the first day (no offence to retards), but ended up riding it pretty fast, and clearing most tables. What a fun track.
(click to enlarge)
But none developed at such rate as Thomas. This guy came here somewhat green, and left with a bag of skills, and added speed.
(click to enlarge)

Stick around for part 2

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