Monday, May 17, 2010

Harz 2010 - Trip 2 - part 3/3.

This final post from the Harz will feature some random shots and thoughts. Sit back and take it in:

Doesnt look like much, I know, but bear in mind that I got this even tho' I was wearing full chest protection, with a hard chest plate and all. Man it saved me from some fractured ribs for sure! see the crash in the end of this small video here:
The video was made by Martin.

Fun scene on the XC trip:
(click to enlarge)

Some huckin' fun:
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Michael got his side-wall torn during a high-speed descend, apparently so much that the tube was sticking out. They fixed it by ripping a energy-gel wrap into a smaller piece and attached it from the inside out to keep the tube inside. It worked. Ive been trying to talk the xc guys into using some sidewall protection, eg; Schwalbe Snakesin, this would minimize dangerous incidents like this. But the weight obsession is clearly seen in the eyes of these guys, and the added 30 grams is apparently too high a cost to pay : / Makes me wonder.
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The Magdeburgerweg is my obsession, what an amazing AM trail:
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Chilling out it the spa area, "that huck was AT LEAST 15 feet!" ; )
(click to enlarge..or dont, it aint pretty)

The TEAM. (well Thomas is missing here) Thanks for the fun trip guys, I had a blast!
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Well, thats it..Until next time...wait..thats in two weeks time!! WHOO!!! : D

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