Monday, February 22, 2016

Reviews In Review

I took a good look at my reviews of 2015, and although I stick to my ratings for the wast majority of the reviews I've done, there was a few adjustment I would like to make. Take a look at what, and why;

E13 LG1 pedal 2015 (generation2)
The pedals began to spin with a whole lot resistance after 8 months of use, to a point where they weren't usable. Even tho I adjusted the spin control. I'm currently warranting it and will see where it lands.
Because the pedals where unusable, I've given the pedals a final score of 0/6.
Check out the revised review HERE.

YT Capra CF Comp 1 2015
After a whole lot more riding, and comparison to my Canfield Brothers One Bike, I've concluded that the front is too low to my linking. You sit a bit to much in a race position, and that makes a  bit awkward riding position when grabbing air, or doing technical stuff. Imo the front should have been about an inch higher.
I didn't alter the final score, but added this info to review.
Check out the revised review HERE.

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