Monday, February 8, 2016

Lost Pics Of 2015 Part 1/2

The lost pics of 2015.

Some pics get lost, or don't get posted due to my space restrictions (I try to never post more than 6 pics at a time). And sometimes its a shame really, because some of them are actually quite good. Well, this post is where they get their redemption, I found 12 pics worthy of blog-publication (well actually found more, but hey, lets take it easy mkay).
The pics don't have to be dramatic or wacky, it can just be a good remembrance of a trip.

Anyway, have a look:

Lets start of with this little gem of a pic. Drea unleashing beast-mode i Hafjell Bikepark. Ever since he broke his arm in Villingen Bikepark he got his no-fucks-given attitude, and just rails shit :D
(click to enlarge)

On a smaller scale I go about one of the many tables on the Villingen "freeride" line.
(click to enlarge)

Jan hitting the skull drop.
(click to enlarge)

Peter in action on his 29'er
(click to enlarge)

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