Monday, January 11, 2016

The inevitable death of All Mountain Next.

I am going to kill the All Mountain Next blog in 2016.

I am however going to stay on it, hopefully, for the rest of this year. The main reason is that it no longer challenges me, and that I've done pretty much everything on this blog. There is little to add, without it going into circles. I don't want this blog to turn into a grind, I want it to be alive and well, fueled by passion and curiosity, and I can definitely do that for 2016 as well. But no more than that.

Then: With more than 520 posts, 40+ reviews and previews, hundreds of pics and vids, and trips to more than 6 different countries, this one-man amateur blog has a solid backbone of content in its catalog. With upwards of 42000 visitors a year the success of this blog has surpassed my every expectation.

Now: I want 2016 to be the last year, and I want it to be more experimental. I want to inject some creativity and I want it to reflect the soft underbelly of my brain. How and when that materializes, well, lets see.

Next: I will definitely still be writing, riding and philosophizing. Perhaps creating a different blog? Perhaps go more into photographing. I would love to go into moto at some point, or shake things up a bit and go back to the University and pick up sociology.  Would like to learn to Bow-Hunt at some point in my life. I'm polarised, but I'm also curious, and I'm holding my momentum, and that's important to me.

Enjoy this last year, its going to be fun : )

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