Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Vervoeren Part 1/3

Sometimes, just sometimes, the weather and temperatures open up for the opportunity to ride on the frozen dunes, that we have a small hours drive from where we live. 

5-10 days during an entire year is all we get, in this window of opportunity, for this kind of frozen dune riding. Anyway, we got 2 days of riding recently, with a dramatic end. Ill start from the beginning:

Just check out how massive these frozen dunes are. Jan is standing in the background to the far right. With a shovel and an axe, you can pretty much carve you own lines into the frozen sand, sculp kickers and whatnot, or just improvise and ride what mother nature sculptured.
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I'm on my Canfield Brothers One bike. The spike-tires I have are 26" inch, so that canalized me back to my old bike, instead of my YT. Good to be back on top of her... *wink*
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Speaking of Spike-tires. I'm on the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro tires. 2.35" in the front. 2.1" in the rear, sub 2 bar pressure. Great tires btw, check out the review HERE.
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Don't.Slip.Here.    ...a fall of 10 meters awaits you if you do. Sometimes it takes a little climbing to get to the right places.
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When bikes and wildlife cross.
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Jan starts of by using a frozen dune as a kicker. Sometimes another dune was the landing-transition.
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Btw we shot some footage from this place a few years back, be sure to check it out:
2:43min with sound.

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