Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: FiveTen Freerider Contact

FiveTen Freerider Contact shoe cough my attention the minute I put it on. Its very comfortable, and its slim and sleek design, makes this a very untraditional FiveTen shoe. I have been using it for 3 months and here are my thoughts:

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The outer fabric is synthetic, and tough. Easy to clean as well. Not a fan of laces tho'.
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The Stealth Mi6 rubber is grippy, but its more fragile than the original stealth rubber. This is after 3 months of use.
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Slim profile, lightweight, you would be forgiven to forget that you are wearing a FiveTen shoe.
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Weight (Actual, same size):
Original Freerider is 960g
Freerider PRO is 880g
Freerider VXi is 855g
Freerider VXi Element is 795g
Freerider Contact is 727g
The diet obviously continues..
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If you ride as a weekend warrior this shoe may last you a long time, if you ride more than that, then beware, you will eat these shoes within 4-5 months. They do get hot on the varmest days, more than they had to, and I'm not a fan of laces. But in the end, this is a great performing product...while it lasts.

The good:
-The most comfortable FiveTen shoe I have had my foot in
-Small profile, almost feels like a regular shoe
-Mi6 Rubber has outstanding grip

The bad:
-Durability is poor
-Ventilation is a bit poor as well
-Laces...fuck those loose laces


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