Friday, December 18, 2015

Oldie but goldie #8

"Oldie but Goldie" series will be my tribute to the "old days". When 640mm bars where considered wide, carbon was fragile, and adjustable seatposts didn't exist. And I'm doing it, for the fun of it.

The year is early 2010, it was the first of 2 very cold winters we had. 2010 was unusually cold, with temperatures as low as -23,0°C.
This day however was a bit more warm, with a temperature at -16,0°C. Being ignorant we grabbed our bikes and went out riding anyway...for 3 hours! : D

FAHK it was COLD.
Thomas with ice taps on his helmet.
Ice taps in my hair? 

My Camelbak was not just frozen in the hose, but the bladder content was like a thick slushice. I remember it was possible to break the hose if I wanted to.

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