Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2 minutes in Drammen Bikepark

So Drammen bikepark is just outside Oslo, Norway, and we had the opportunity to ride there a single day. I recorded a half hour before my memory card was full, so I only have the first few runs we did.

Now Drammen is a bit unusual bikepark. Many of the lines are very natural, and have a very raw feel to them. Its not really a difficult park to ride, nor is it particular big. Jan and Drea where not very excited about this place (admittedly being blinded by Hafjell Bikepark - and injured). 

I on the other hand liked it alot. Its raw nature was something different, and some sections where crazy steep and technical - I love that. There was lots of tables and berms as well - and who doesn't like that?

Anyway, here is a 2 minute clip from some of the lines the bikepark had to offer. Its hard to see, but there is some serious steep shit in there. Anyway, enjoy. Hope to re-visit some day.

2min. HD available!

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