Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2015 Performance Line 2.1"

Done testing an old nemesis.

Schwalbe is back with a revised version of the Nobby Nic tire, a hugely successfull trail tire. This is the third generation, and I guess Schwalbe would say its their best yet. Last time I had the Nobby Nic strapped on, it pretty much disintegrated, I thought it was a useless piece of shit, as pointed out in my review. For whatever reason (well I guess its because they finally admitted that the old didn't work), Schwalbe did an entire re-modeling of how the knobs are positioned....again. So have they finally nailed it?

Nobby Nic - third generation.
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26". Performance line 2.1"
Claimed weight; 515g
Close enough imo.
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Current Generation3 to the left vs  Generation2 to the right.
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The knob position finally makes (more) sense, and the tire is performing at an outstanding level. I have been using it alot in the wet, conditions where Schwable tires usually fail to deliver in my experience compared to the competition. Dry performance is solid.
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Side knobs are finally pushed more out, to allow more of a channel-like distribution. I say more, because Schwalbe is not quite there yet.
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I still strongly advocate the open channel system, that Maxxis, Specialized and Michelin has done for years. The Nobby Nic is aaalmost there.
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This is a tire with a great value. It has a nice big profile, sideknobs that finally make sense, rolls okay, and is easy to setup tubeless. The grip is good, predictable and the tire itself is very lightweight.
I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised by this latest installment, Schwalbe finally nailed it the third time! And its cheap too!

(I have to stress out that this is a tire I have been testing on the rear only!)

The good:
-Great grip!
-Big overall profile
-Tubeless friendly installation
-Works great in versatile environments
-Rolls surprisingly easy
-Great Tubeless performance

The Bad:
-Long term durability is unknown. I will get back regarding this.
-Tends to burp at low pressure (sub 2 bars) in a tubeless setup, more so than my former Specialized Butcher tire. I only experience this when stressing the tire sideways tho' - so take it for what it is.

Size: 2.1"
Tested on: Rear
Claimed weight: 515 gram
Actual weight: 526 gram


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