Friday, April 3, 2015

Best vids of 2014

I uploaded 20 vids onto this blog in 2014, here are my 3 best vids of that year. Sit back and enjoy.

In non-chronological order:

Lets start of with this video. I like it, but I dislike it. But mostly I like it. Fuck. It started with a good intend. I wanted to document our French trip and boil in down into a 3 minute video, and I  was on top of it, I really was!.. Then the alcohol kicked in... And there it was, a peak into the neurosis stuff, and I was having fun doing it - so it stayed in the final cut. I don't get the ending.

2m37sec HD available.

Now this is way more relaxed. An awesome day in the woods, shots got captured the way I wanted it to, and the music just lined up.


Pushing stuff is some of the best and most rewarding things to do on a mountain bike. And to capture one of those situations on video is special, well it is for me anyway. This is such occasion. We  (Drea and I) where to hit Mr.Madsens Bad Idea Drop (Version1) for the very first time. We where the very first people doing it, and that triggered some serious brainfuck. Anyway, we did it, and we got it on cam, check it out;

40sec. HD available.

A honorable mention has to be Drea breaking his glasslike body (I kid bro) in Germany. Check that out HERE.

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