Sunday, February 9, 2014

Solving a luxury problem

A little DH oriented post this time around.

The luxury problem:
My BOS Stoy RaRe is tracking the ground too good. Its probably a downhillers wet dream, but for me its an annoyance. I want my rear end to be playfull and easy to pop, and that's just not possible with the BOS Stoy RaRe, no matter how I tweaked it.
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The Stoy RaRe had to go:
267x90mm with mounting hardware, coil size bs_250_100_190, for those of you who are into weight numbers:
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The solution:
Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS. Problem solved.
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267x90mm with mounting hardware.
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But why Cane Creek, and why the CS version?
Well I would have preferred a RockShox VIVID Air to be honest, but they are not produced in the obscene size of 267mmx90mm. CCDBACS is. The CS version is appealing to me because the dials are reworked; no more need for that stupid special-tool in case you want to add a single click of rebound. I obviously don't expect to use the CS feature on a downhill bike, but switched off, the shocks functions as a normal CCDBA. (CS stands for Climb-Switch, and adds compression and rebound with a flip of the switch) 
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