Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: FiveTen Diddie Schneider

FiveTen hasn't made a shower proof shoe yet, well that's until recently. Meet the Diddie Schneider FiveTen shoe.

Providing loads of protection, albeit a bit bulky, the 5.10 Diddie Schneider shoes are surprisingly comfortable. Initially developed due to a demand of a trail-builder-shoe, the Diddie Schneider shoe is constructed from the ground up to provide the best protection and traction while building. This comes at a price however, the grip on platform pedals is not as good as, say, the FiveTen Freerider VXi -and that's something to consider. The grip on the ground however (soil, loam etc) is noticeable better than most FiveTen shoes - that's the good news. The shoe itself is beefy; thick, heavy duty, with a stone-hard toe cap; this shoe means business.

I have been using this shoe in heavy rain, snow, mud, and everything in-between, and the only way this shoe got slightly wet was from the opening crack at the top where the foot goes in. Otherwise this shoe stays comfortably dry. Lastly, its worth noting that these boots oozes quality, they have a solid feel, and I have no doubt that they can take a beating, and wont fall apart anytime soon. 

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At 1150g these are definitely among the most heavy FiveTen shoes. In comparison, the FiveTen Freerider VXi are 855g
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Good luck getting wet feet.
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Having these shoes in your hands for a few minutes, and you are left with a feeling that these shoes are of a higher quality. Good job FiveTen.
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If you are making a first entry into a platform pedal specific shoe, then i wouldn't recommend the Five Ten Diddie Schneider. If you are like me however, riding in rain and snow, and want a more specific shoe for those days, or if you are into trailbuilding and want a FiveTen shoe with a bit more grip on the ground, and some added protection, then you should definitely consider the Diddie Schneider model.

The Good:
-Can take a good shower
-Good for snow as well
-Very protective
-Grip is good on ground (Considering this is a FiveTen shoe)
-Quality all the way

The Bad:
-A bit bulky
-Not the best grip on pedals among FiveTen shoes



  1. How are the FiveTen shoes size wise?
    Are the size spot on or are they bigger/smaller than everyday shoes, in the same size?

  2. I would say they are a little bit bigger. I choose a size that's a bit smaller than my regular shoes. Hope that helps.

  3. It is a great all around flat pedal shoe! If you ride in all sorts of conditions.And also are building trails.This is your shoe!