Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - Reviews And Previews

2013 was a year with very few previews, but lots of reviews. I really hoped to have the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air review here as well, but reliability issues put an end to that. I also considered to review my BOS Stoy RARE shock, and BOS Idylle RARE AIR fork, but decided against it, as they really have very little to do with All-Mountain, its all DH. 
I did a special feature on trail building, which I've put a lot of effort in, be sure to check that out here.

2014 will either be a bit light on gear reviews, or quite heavy, it really depends on a few important factors that I'm not ready to expose just yet. 2014 is definitely going to be sick trail wise, there is so much stuff brewing at the moment, and I'm sitting on my hands not to blow the lid of it. Stay tuned here on All Mountain Next!

Knock yourself out:



Special Features:

Coming Soon as a review or preview:
-FiveTen Diddie Schneider shoes
-FiveTen VXi MI6-edition
-iD7 knee armor
-Michelin Wild Rock'R 2
-"Platform Pedals"


  1. Hi. ISTR reading a review on the Fox Launch Pro knee+shin pad here, and IIRC you mentioned it wasn't as good as the knee-only version. But I couldn't find the review despite my best Google Fu. Or was I just confusing your blog and someone else's...?


  2. Hi there atctt

    I never did a FULL review of the knee+shin version. It performed so poorly, that I didn't want to waste more time on it. I did however mention it in a post, with a picture, and a few words, perhaps that's what you recall?

  3. Yeah, I guess that's what I did recall. Got a link to it? Thanks.

  4. Found it! Here you go:

  5. Thanks! I just noticed that Fox Head has them new "enduro pads" which looks like having less protection vs their Launch Pro "regular" pads.

  6. yeah, I would have to agree on that observation.