Monday, October 7, 2013

Faster and Sharper

So, my "old" cam finally died. Big surprise there.

In comes the new Casio EX-ZR-700, its relatively cheap, yet very powerful. I'm really not into cams, as some are, or have a particular interest in the tech behind, but I do enjoy shooting a good pic, or capturering some cool high-speed footage.
And the reason I make a post about it here on my blog, is that you will see a some improvements of the pics, but particular the vids. Casio made an upgrade to its Exilim High-speed processor, and this is what it shoots:

I can now shoot 120FPS (frames per second) in (640x480), check it out:
(no sound, simple edit)

Or 240 FPS in an upgraded resolution of 512x384, check it out:
(no sound, simple edit)

Its also possible to shoot at 480 FPS, or a massive 1000 FPS, but  resolution quality suffers so much, that I don't expect it to be used here on my blog. Anyway, just a rare update on the cam-side of things.

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