Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal

Just concluded my review of the Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal. Its a pedal that builds on the successful original Crampon pedal. Canfield Brothers did some improvements, and this is the result, but how does it fare? Well, I have been testing it in and out of bikeparks these last few months, and here are my concluding thoughts. But first the basics:

106mm x 106mm, chromo axle, DU bushings, laser etched logos.
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Claimed 282 grams, actual weight is 285g, pretty close imo.
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Thin 6-10mm magnesium body. Its just crazy thin.
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Replaceable dual sided pins. Long, but a tiny bit more fat than the ones on my Podiums, and my experience tell me that thin pins are key to grip on FiveTen shoes .
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 Crampon Magnesium VS Point One Racing Podiums. Podiums are noticeably bigger, they feel bigger as well. My Twenty6 Predator are way bigger than both tho'.
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So while these pedals are thin and lightweight, they are on the small size, and the grip isn't that good to be honest - compared to the Twenty6 Predator pedal (review pending). What did surprise me however, is how tough these pedals are - didn't expect that from a magnesium compound. The pins are easy to swap even if you bend or break them, that's a huge plus.
I have to be honest and say that these pedals stand in the shadow of the Twenty6 Predator pedal, everything this pedal does, the Predator does better in some way. I wish the crampon pedal was at least 1cm larger in both directions, and had thinner pins, that would address my main issues. Its not a bad pedal, but there are better option out there.

The Good:
-Laser etched logos, and a tough finish
-Easy swappable pins
-Surprisingly tough

The Bad:
-Platform is a bit too small
-Grip is so-so

Score: 3/6

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