Saturday, August 31, 2013

I only ride park!!

...well actually I don't. But its the title of a seriously funny song, that you check out here

Aaaanyway, had 3 days in 3 different bikeparks in the Harz mountains with Drea. 16 gigs of gopro-footage later (and a hell of alot editing time), and I present you my vid "3".

The parks them-selves represent very different quality levels. From Braunlage bikepark, which should be a text-book example of how not to design a park. To Hahnenklee, that's actually passable for a single good day of riding, to Schulenberg - a place by riders, for riders, and trail design reflects that -no "Joey's" in this park..

I hope you enjoy.

Watch the HD version HERE.

4m12sec. HD option available. Embedded version:

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