Thursday, January 10, 2013

Most WANTED gear of 2013

2012 wasn't the most interresting year for me gear-wise. I had my gear sorted, and the cash flow went to travel destinations instead. A few things did land on my lap tho' most notably the Twenty6 Predator Pedal, and I got the newest version of the SIXC crankset as well, due to a warranty issue.
2013 will be different.
 I took a look at whats interesting for 2013, and why you should keep an eye on it. Its also a list of whats WANTED for 2013, take a look;

BOS suspension:
Why its hot:
Its not uncommon for mountain bikers to discuss whether FOX or RockShox is the best suspension platform. Thing is, BOS blows both out of the water. Critically acclaimed as being the best performing suspension for mtb riding, BOS has certainly caught my interest. These french guys with deep roots in the rally business, might not be known for the best costumer service, nor will they win any awards for their Franglish website, but these guys have established a serious rep. 
Will 2013 be the year I rock some BOS suspension products? I think so.

Waterproof FiveTen shoes.
Why its hot:
Come on FiveTen, you got all these great shoe models for us, but none that can resist a rainy day? Whats up with that? Perhaps the fusion with Adidas will change that, I'm crossing my fingers.

Learning how to do a table.
Why its hot:
Because....well.. LOOK AT IT! Its such a cool trick, and it shows great technical finesse. Ok, so I understand the fundamentals of a table, and I understand the movements when I practice it grounded. But I have a hard time actually executing it mid air : / I need more practice, and hopefully 2013 will be the year I dial it in.

ENVE and Canfield Brothers collab.
Why its hot:
Ok, so its a far stretch, but here goes anyway; I believe in carbon when its strong (ENVE or EASTON), add intelligent engineering to that, and I'm game. I also believe that the Canfield brothers has created one of the most interesting and most fun to ride AM bikes out there. So for me this would be a collab made in heaven.
A lightweight and indestructible Canfield Brothers ONE frame, with all the geo and and adjustments ONE owners has come to ride and love. All I have left to say to these guys is; DO IT! I will gladly pay one billion dollar for it.

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