Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Mountain Next turns 3 year old!

What a fun year it was, I got the chance to visit 2 new bikeparks, more than a handful of new trails in my own country, and earlier this year, I found out that snow-riding can be genuinely fun AND technical. On top of all that, my favorite local trails has just seen so much great progress, makes me very excited for the year to come.
Gear-wise 2012 hasn't been particular interesting; that tells me that I'm generally satisfied with the setup Ive got. 2013 will most likely be way more focused on new gear, and while I'm still keeping my cards close to my chest, I can tell you that I'm already getting excited. And that naturally brings me to my decision to continue the All Mountain Next blog for 2013. One more year with previews, reviews, vid's, pics, opinions, and a general tribute to mountain biking. Thanks for all of those who supported me, thanks for all the visits (another record breaking year, with 43000+ visitors), and thanks for all the comments as well, it makes the site that more enjoyable to run. Thanks guys.

Oh, btw, some time ago, I wrote a little background story about this place, read about it here.


  1. Keep at it! I love this blog, nothing but honest reviews and interesting locations!

  2. Thanks man, glad you enjoy it : )