Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Mavic Crossmax SX 2012/13

13 months of testing is finally done, and I can finally conclude my time on these hoops with a review. Mavic has revised the Crossmax SX for 2012. Its gotten stronger by the use of a new rim extrusion, a new graphics package is in place as well. Other than that, its known for its stiffness and strength albeit some hub issues, but ill get back to that in a moment. Lets start of with an overview:

The strongest and the best Mavic has to offer for AM riding. Front has a 20mm axle, rear is compatible with pretty much everything right out of the box.
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The ITS-4 hub has proven to be reliable and trouble-free. Mavic got it right this time.
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The Crossmax SX has a Maxtal rim, its 30% stronger than 6106 alloy, and tests has continuously shown that these rims has an immense strength  The rims are even used for pro-level slopestyle, probably some of the most stressful challenge you can pose a mtb rim.
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The spokes use a Zicral Alloy, its a very strong alloy of the 7075 series, with a strength comparable to steel - just without the weight penalty. One interesting use for 7075 alloy is in the manufacture of M16 rifles for the military. Ok back on topic, so, im not a big fan of proprietary stuff, I actually often advocate against it, but the Zicral spokes didn't scare me away because of two things; they have a good rep for not breaking, and despite what some might say, replacement spokes are actually easy to get hold of, well for me anyway, as my LBS carries them.
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Front wheel, 826g.
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Rear Wheel, 937g
That makes for an actual total weight of: 1763g - pretty damn close to the claimed 1755g.
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Ive been testing the Crossmax SX for DH og FR usage as well. They are more than capable.
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But the primary use has been AM and trail. Alot of stress was put on the wheels via jumps and drops, and not all my landings are clean - if I may add.
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So after 13 months of testing my conclusion is clear; This is the best wheelset Ive been on. Its solid, strong, lightweight, and has a attention to detail. Í have been riding this wheelset extensively for more than a year, but it has been a completely flawless experience regarding reliability. Coming from a 2100g+ wheelset, there are definitely noticeable acceleration benefits, and the bike just feels more responsive overall.
If you are into a lightweight AM wheelset that can take some heat, then the Mavic Crossmax SX 2012 might just be your best bet. Highly recommended.

The Good:
-Decals are painted, not just stickers.
-Oozes quality

The Bad:
-The instructions manual is poor and lacking.

Score: 6/6


  1. Thanks for the effort and share your impressions

  2. good review, thanks

  3. Thanks man, glad you like it.

  4. Hi,
    I am really close on getting a used set.
    Do you thing they will have any trouble for AM use on rocky full of rock garden trails?
    I hear a lot that the 21mm inner width is to little.
    What's your opinion?

  5. I think you will be fine, its a really tough wheelset, and ive been using it for rocky DH as well.