Friday, November 30, 2012

Recent Riding

Mr frost is on its way, and im trying to ride my bike as much as possible before the forrest gets painted all white.  Here are some recent pics of us enjoying the lines while they are still rideable.

New jump at the Middle-Meat section. Its so fun to hit, and we actually ended up sessioning it for an entire hour. Good times.

I don't know why it took me so long, but ive finally installed a short cage derailleur. The old one was a medium and it flexed so much during whips that it occasionally slammed into my spokes. I haven't had this issue since I got the short cage installed. Time will tell tho'. 
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Henning is in an upgrade frenzy, He got rid of the skinny bars and installed some 780mm bars, from what ive heard he's loving it. I think the bike is getting pretty damn dialed.

And here we go, in the classic cat and mouse run. Its not only fun, it pushes your skill level as well.

I stumbled upon this flowy field a few days ago, man do I see lines everywhere.
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