Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2 Bikeparks 1 cup

I thought my bikepark season was over, but nevertheless I ended up visiting 2 more. Winterberg has been one of my favorite places to ride, but this time around I had a chance to ride in Willingen as well. And im glad I did.

I could talk alot about Winterberg, and I did, Here and Here and even here. But this time around im doing a shout out to Willingen. Willingen only has 3 real lines, but what a fun place to ride. I shot some footage on the Freeride line (an A-Line inspired line), and compiled it into a short vid. The Freeride line doesn't have much to do with "freeride", its easy to ride, and there are no really big stuff to hit. It IS fast, and it IS fun - ill give them that. I had a really good time there.

So this is 99% of the Freeride line in Willingen, somehow 1% Winterberg snuck itself into this vid. I have no idea how. I deny everything!

Watch in HD HERE

Or crappy embedded version here:

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