Monday, August 27, 2012

RaceFace SIXC warranty update

I got more than a few questions about how my RaceFace SIXC warranty went, I had to reply that it was still something that was being processed by ChainReactionCycles/Raceface. Well the wait is over, and I finally know the outcome. Lets me take you through a quick stroll of how things went down:

It all began with my pedal hitting a rock. Pedal was just fine, but the thread in the crankarm was not. In fact, it got stripped (!)
(click to enlarge)

I wrote a letter to ChainReactionCycles (CRC) explaining what happened, I even documented to CRC that RaceFace was aware of this issues/weakness of the SIXC crankset, this is what the newest version of the crankset has to offer:

CRC gave me this reply:

I went like this:

Then I sent it in anyway.

3 weeks passed, and now this:

2012 Raceface SIXC crank. WITH CrMo pedal inserts! FAHK YEAH!


  1. So you would recommend these for my Enduro ?
    Looking for a new pair of cranksets
    Hope all is good at the West Coast.


  2. Would definitely recommend them, especially after the post 2012 improvements, mentioned above. Strong as hell, stiff, responsive, and just plain sexy. ; )