Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iFound crap

I bet most mountain bikers have a lot of old mtb-stuff laying around. Stuff they no longer use, broken stuff, outdated stuff, you name it.

I have such a bin as well, well its just gotten bigger and bigger, and decided to throw most of it out (yearh, like im going to install old-school green grips on my bike..) A few things caught my attention on its was to the bin, check it out;

Remember when platform pedals looked like this? Man, it sure is a different ball game today.
(click to enlarge)

The death of the Shiver saddle. Happened without drama, no anal destruction, or nuclear meltdown, just a faint *snap*.

Note the adjuster screw on this SRAM X0 derailleur. I somehow snapped it, so I went to a respectable LBS and called for a replacement screw, he looked at me and went; "Do you know this is the FIRST time ever someone comes up to me with a broken adjuster screw. There is no spare!" We made a ghetto solution, and it worked just fine.
(click to enlarge)

Remember the days when Carbon bars was THE shit. And remember when 660mm was considered wide? Well I do, and this is what I rode. Now, its just pointless.
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