Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slow vs Fast rebound. TEST # 2

My second take on slow vs fast rebound. Last time I did this kind of test, it was somewhat inconclusive. This time around; we had a better setup, let me summarize;

-some 75m of testing range (240 feet).
-more variation in bump size.
-way faster rider speed.
-camera focus on fork action, and nothing else.
-testing done with a BOXXER R2C2, allowing for longer stroke action
-polarizing between slow and fast is bigger, a massive 17 clicks. Slow is slow, fast is fast.

So what we wanted from this test is to see how slow vs fast rebound would affect rider, traction, and overall performance. Lets take a look:

Fast rebound, 240 fps:

17 clicks slower rebound, 240fps:

When looking at the footage I still have a hard time seeing any actual difference. However I did FEEL a difference. 

When riding the fast rebound, the bike felt more alive, and a bit more - say, playfull. This appealed to me as a rider. It was however a bit harder to steer, and a tiny bit more energy consuming. I wouldn't run a fork with such a fast rebound setting, but boy, was it fun to try. 

When riding the slow rebound, the ride felt a bit more stabilized and controlled. The fun factor suffered a bit, but that really depends on who you are, and what you want out of your ride. Traction felt a bit better, but there was no gain in actual speed, or in some way better clearance over the cluttery stuff.

There was NO DIFFERENCE in A-B speed.

Im still not completely satisfied with this comparison, like the small change in line, and an even longer test section would be nice, so expect to see some more.

Do you see something I don't? Have an suggestion? Feel free to comment, it does not require a sign-in. 


  1. why don't you put the camera on the bike focus on the fork?
    Sorry for my englis

  2. That would be great, but the camera im using is way too fragile im afraid. It simply cant copy with the force it would be subjected to.

  3. What I see is that the suspension packs up with the slowest rebound setting giving you a bumpier ride IN the roots. When you ride the same section with the fastest rebound your fork rides higher in its travel and over the OVER the roots. But it looks to me like it deflects too quickly extending to full travel which is not so cool when you land drops...?

  4. I see something new every time I watch the video, just adding to my quiver of questions. You might be on to something, but without further testing its hard to confirm anything objectively - from my point of view anyway. I wish I could do a more "scientific" test - removing even more variables.

  5. Just curious, what was the rebound on the rear like on both runs?

    I would probably be happy with settings as per the video on the fast rebound but wind it 2 clicks down.. Seems to be topping out a little too quick.

    THe slow run definitely shows the rebound not catching up in time after the bigger roots before the next bump..

  6. Thanks for the input, you made me observe the vids once again : D

    Rear is 3 clicks from slowest setting.