Sunday, June 10, 2012

Discarded VIDEOES of "Fast vs Slow rebound TEST #2"

These two vids had too many variables to be considered good enough for a head to head comparison. The line wasn't as good as we had hoped, as well being a bit too jumpy, and not really representing what we had in mind.

Ill post the vids anyway, however I wont tell you whats SLOW and whats FAST rebound. Im kinda curious whether you can guess it, just by watching these two vids. Lets call it an experiment. Answer will be posted after feedback.

VIDEO 1 Raw edit:

VIDEO 2 Raw edit:

So whats slow, and whats fast? VID 1 or 2? Comments does not require sign in.


  1. Video 1 Fast rebound

  2. 2nd seems faster.... too close though...

  3. The first vid is in fact the one with the FAST rebound.