Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inside knowledge

Had an electrocardiography done today, and it had interesting diagnose; I had a "Athletic heart syndrome".

What does it do?
"The heart becomes enlarged, or hypertrophic, due to intense cardiovascular workouts, creating an increase in stroke volume, an enlarged left ventricle (and right ventricle), and a decrease in resting pulse along with irregular rhythms. The wall of the left ventricle increases in size by about 15-20% of its normal capacity. There is no decrease of the diastolic function of the left ventricle.[6] The patient may also experience an irregular heartbeat and a resting pulse rate between 40-70 beats per minute , also known as bradycardia.[7]"
Read more about it here.

Now what?
Nothing really, Im healthy and happy : ) I will however do a electrocardiography once or twice a year from now on, just to monitor any potential changes.

I will post the actual electrocardiography-print - by popular demand.

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