Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 cool riding spots - I didn't know about..

... in the Harz Mountains. Took a trip to the Harz mountains to seek out some new riding spots. I wanted to find something challenging, fresh, fun, and in the All Mountain category. I bought all the maps I possibly could, and started doing some research. I decided to concentrate my search in the EAST Harz mountains. NO ONE that I know of has been riding there, as its always about  the west-Harz - usually leaving the east-harz out of the radar.

So, took my map, did some study on the topography, located the rock-icons on the map, and just packed my stuff and took off into the mountains. Here comes 6 different spots that I found during my 3 days of trail-spotting(without mentioning the actual trail names)

This spot had a massive potential for AM, hell, even devilish DH. No real lines, but it wasn't hard to visual lines upon lines on this mountain top. Bring the fullface helmet..
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This trail was leading up and down along a 300m deep canyon, some sections where easy, some hard, others just beautiful. Great blend of AM and trail.
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I stumbled upon this spot by pure luck. I bet no bike has ever ridden this place, and what a shame, this ultra lushness coupled with huge rocks reminded me a bit about the Whistler area. Great sessioning spot with FR potential as some of these rocks where as big as a van.
(click to enlarge this panorama shot)

This rockgarden continued down a mountain for more than 2 km. EVIL!
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Something ive never seen in the Harz mountain; Slick rocks. Somewhat small area, but with lots of potential for some technical sessioning. 
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Unridden equals untamed. Sharp and pointy rocks everywhere on this mountain descend.
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  1. Harz Mountain is from North Germany, yes ??
    this trails are good look!