Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Maxxis Minion DH REAR Kevlar 2.35"

At first glance, this rear-specific tire does not look like it can dig in when it matters. The odd placed knobs and special pattern made me think that this tire would under-perform. Boy was I wrong! The Maxxis Minion DH REAR is a true workhorse, and thats apparent from the very first ride, it digs in and works with the soil and dirt as soon as needed, and does everything it can to avoid spinning or loosing grip.
The weight is satisfying low, this, combined with the moderate to low rolling resistance, and a good braking and drifting control, makes this tire score high. The tire did wear out pretty quickly, but I have to mention that I was not using it gently when riding street.
I see this tire as an all-year performer, for the trail rider, or the all mountain biker. I did use it for some light FR and DH with good results, the sidewall is strong, and proved itself. I did wash out a few times, but I always saw it comming. The drifting thats possible with this tire leaves you with a big smile. This is a solid performing AM tire.

Size:2.35" (singleply Maxxpro 60a)
Tested on: Rear
Claimed weight: 700 gram
Actual weight: 711 gram
Score: 5/6


  1. i have ridden and raced this tire successfully as well. i like it.

    buttttt..... i much prefer a High Roller in the rear and Minion in the front. that is the perfect maxxis combo in my opinion.

  2. Yearh its a good tire. Btw, there will be a High Roller review, and a Minion FRONT review as well, two tires im very fond of, so keep your eyes on the blog.