Friday, June 4, 2010

Harz 2010 - Trip 3 - part 1/1.

My third Harz trip this year! I feel somehow lucky to say the least. The pictures wont be as nice as last time, but we did manage to shoot a few here and there, lets take a look.

We shot this pic for the fun of it. I call it "Rock Garden Philosophy" ; )
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Setup has not changed at all, and hereby the first real shot of my new ride.
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Post-bikepark shot. Went to the Hahnenklee bikepark, and pushed myself as far as I could. It all went good, and it was a really good day, with sunshine and 19c. But I did some thinking; the geo on the Enduro is really dialed in. But, I probably mentioned this before, I need more rear-travel. I feel genuinely hindered by it now. Its not the drops, jumps, hucks, or whatever, its the root/rockgardens. The fork is eating it up, but the rear end is insufficient and eats all rear-travel very fast, leaving me slowed down and frustrated. The ISX-6 shock does its job good in the mid-stroke for an air-shock, but a 170-180mm coil shock would have been so much better. I want faster!
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I had a chance to visit the German ISX Downhill cup trail in Thale. Its called Rosstrappen. I didnt ride it, but I had a look at it, looks like a fun dh trail, and the jump in the bottom of the trail is huuuge:
The dude in the picture is there to show the size of this jump. ; )
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