Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Five Ten FreeRider 2010

Had to post a small review of the Five Ten FreeRider shoe. Been riding this shoe for 3 months and I think I have a pretty good fieldtest to back it up.Ive been using the Five Ten Impact 2 Low for a year now, but always felt they where a bit "big", warm and heavy, fine for downhill but a bit too much for AM, so when the FreeRiders where announced I had to try them out.
These shoes are awesome, they stick to flat pedals like friggin magnets! The secret behind this is the special Steath-rubber - you just have to try it to believe it. The sole is really holding up well, and there is almost no wear, so I expect a long life from these shoes (unlike the Shimano AM40). The shoes are still a bit "big", but way smaller than the Five Ten Impact 2 Low, they have a stiff sole, and a comfortable fit - so its pretty much the quality you would expect from Five Ten. The only downside is the design, I like it, but I dont dig it - well design is subjective anyway, so what do I know.( The AM40's are downright sexy tho')
If you are looking for a great solid shoe for you platform pedals, then look no further, these suckers are great, and will stick to the pedals like nothing else. They will improve your riding by giving you more control, and make things a bit more easy for you. Great stuff.

Score: 5/6

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The sole is really holding up nicely after 3 months:

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