Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Death of All Mountain Next

This is the final post of All Mountain Next as you know it. Its been a fun and educative 7 year long run for me. But it ends here.

So I ended up with;

528 posts

..during the 7-year-ish lifespan. And can proudly say that I had the biggest non-commercial mtb-blog in the country I live in.

And a few fun facts:
Amount of  FiveTen shoes torn to pieces during the life of this blog: 13
Visits to the ER: 2
Broken bones: 0
Broken honor: 2
Bikes owned during the life of this blog: 6
Bikes broken during the life of this blog: 3
Carbon frames broken during the life of this blog: 2
Pedals destroyed during the life of this blog: 4
Amount of countries I visited on my bike during the life of this blog: 8
Worst bike so far: Trek Fuel EX 8
Worst component so far: Crankbrothers Joplin
Amount of bears spotted from the lift:1
Amount of blowjobs spotted from the lift:1
Most famous mtb-person I've met and talked to: Brett Tippie
Most Visitors from: USA
Most popular post (views): Review: POC vs FOX vs 661 vs SCOTT
Most controversial post (hate mails): The problem with Fox...
My personal favorite post: The Anatomy of Intelligent Trail Design

I am spoiled in my own autonomy, and haunted by my own ambitions. So I end it here, and start to focus on other aspects of life. Thanks all! : )

Stay tuned...what who said that??


  1. Great blog, you had lived it's life well!
    We'll meet again on the other side of the tunnel, when you have gone into the Lite ... Where you can consider yourself GhostRider?

    All the Mountain best