Friday, January 13, 2017

Breaking the 4th wall

So as a part of my shutting down of the All Mountain Next blog, I am going to answer some of the questions I get in my inbox. Many of them get asked again and again, so let me take some of the most popular ones here;

Anex4real asks:
What bikeparks do you recommend?
Well the obvious answer would be Whistler. It really IS amazing. But I have to admit that the lines in Geneva (Monnetier-Mornex, Jura Mountains), made the biggest positive impression. Some of that stuff still rank among the best lines Ive ever ridden. And yes, there is a lift - just bring a guide tho'.

Minddoctor asks:
What is your profit from the All Mountain Next blog?
None. I never wanted it to be commercial. I guess the monetary independence has always appealed to me.

K12 asks:
Will you continue the blog at some point?
Not really.

OnionRiver asks:
What mountain bike would you recommend?
Depends on what you want to do on that bike. But today we got some seriously capable All Mountain rigs, so I would probably recommend that.

PoWeRoNiCs asks:
Do you often crash?
Actually very rarely. I'm just very lucky I guess.

PoWeRoNiCs asks:
Whats your worst crash?
I slammed my head into a tree once, after doing a drop, and had pain in my neck for like 6-7 months. Then there was this other time where I tore an artery in my foot. Freak accident.

Zana89 asks:
Can you add me in Overwatch?

AlexT asks:
Do you dislike hardtails?
No, I just really don't like them.

Achmad Bisri asks:
How old are you?
I have many ages.

Where is your Instagram?
I actually don't have an account, but I will consider making one.

Quick95 asks:
Can I haz 222mm on my goat?
What is this? but yes.

(everyone) asks:
Is X better than Y?
If its not on my blog in a review, I would rather not comment on it.

Nombre Hombre asks:
How many dicks do I need to suck for you to continue the blog:
Just one.

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