Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All Mountain Next turns 7 years!

My blog turned 7 years, yay. This blog is just a few weeks from closure, so things are slowly shutting down regarding the content. But after 522 posts..I think I've done my job ; ) My stats are still very solid, so I'm actually not shutting this down due to the lack of interest. But I want to do something different.

So as of now I might go 2 ways:

1)Keep this blog in a "lite" version, with rare updates.
2)Just let the blog go.

I don't know, I got all these ideas for a different blog, and I currently don't know what to pick up. Its all in my brain, brewing, on the verge to pop my head.

Hello friend

So this is me last year dressing up for a convention, my mom (and her dog) gave me a ride. Anyway, 7 years of blog-writing makes you strong!

Okay, so this turned into a mess.

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