Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recent Riding Part 2/3 (rant included)

Second part, this time gear-related, check it out:

Tom with his brand new Capra CF Pro Race, the top model in the Capra line.
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FOX 36 Float in the front.... ill get back to that fork in a future post. Note the carbon hoops.
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FOX Float X2 in the rear, what a great performing shock btw.
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And something that also cought my attention where the Gamut Podium Pedals, created by the former Point One Racing team. 
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Big and flat, with long pins, the grip is on par with my Predator Pedals, but not as good as my E13 LG1's
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And now the rants...

FiveTen really?? After what, 4 months of use?? Fuck this new FiveTen Contact line, this blows!
Contact?? I don't see any contact between the shoe and the sole...ughhh 124 euros down the drain. I am sick and tired of things failing.

The sole is loose, and you can literally pull it of the shoe, the foot rotates weirdly on my pedals. Review score to be adjusted....
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In other amazing news...

My Pike got stuck at 20% sag, like, the fork settled at 20% even without any weight on the bike. What the fuck?? This is a (1075 euro) new fork! : (

 So I googled a little and found out that its actually a common problem with Pikes. Rockshox has even given an unofficial guide how to get rid of it, and it actually worked! So here it is:

1)Release all air.
2)Pull the fork by hand about ten times.
3)Fill it up with air again to max psi.
4)Release air untill you get to desired pressure.

Fahk this actually worked! (but this should not have happened in the first place...so fuck...somebody!)
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im tired, and its late.. 'kay


  1. What you really wanna do is pull out the bottom bolt from the air side leg and press the valve that is hidden under there. It releases the air from the negative air chamber and recalibrates the fork.

  2. Thanks, will do that next time, which is hopefully never : )