Friday, March 4, 2016

Most Wanted 2016

My last year here on All Mountain Next.. So what to look forward to in '16? I would usually mention gear and equipment, but I don't feel like it this time around - I've gone soft ; )

I took a look at whats interesting for 2016, and what I look forward to, or hope for. Lets take a look:

More contestants at Redbull Hardline ....and a live stream!
Redbull Hardline is the most interesting mountainbike race there currently is. Yes there I said it. Its only existed for two years, but its already hailed as the most difficult racing-line there is. We need more contestants, and more media exposure - a live stream would be awesome.
Keep it up Dan Atherton - you are doing it right.

New Parks
I want to try something new, something fresh, something I haven't tried before. I'm not talking dirty, I am talking about Bikeparks. Austria? Spain? Portugal? Canada? UK? I don't know yet, but I crave a new experience.

Redbull Rampage revised judging
I don't know, something doesn't seem right. I'm no expert, and I won't be vocal about some theory. But its pretty clear that the general opinion by the Redbull-Rampage contestants is that there is something very faulty with the judging. I thinks viewers where scratching their heads in 2014 and 2015 as well. I think it needs a total revision. 

New trail features
We are stepping it up, but not quite ready to show of the work. After nearly a year of working, we sure are looking forward to hit these new trail features.

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