Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why 650b?

So got the YT bike, and I'm happy. But I wented some scepticism regarding the 650b wheelsize a few times, This is what I wrote back in 2012 here:

".... But for 2013 and 2014, that extra 1,5" in wheel size is apparently a MUST have for any AM biker according to the bike industry. I am of course talking about the 650b or 27,5" standard. Pretty much every major player in the bike industry will focus on 27,5" bikes for their AM segment, and its kinda funny that they all get that idea at the same time...that must be coincidence right? *WINK WINK* 

Don't get me wrong, 29" tires makes a lot of sense for something like XC and trail riding, and I guess that 27,5" could find a spot somewhere between XC and AM, but to suddenly declare 26" to be obsolete and impotent, is making me think that somethings fishy in the bike industry.

I am asking you this; whats wrong with 26" for AM? Aren't we solving a problem that doesn't exist?"

So I ended with a 650b myself. Is that hypocritical? No, and let me tell you why;

Because the bike industry fucking showed it down my throat. The choice of options for a 26" carbon frame where pretty much non-existent. I tried to get hold of a Evil Uprising, but that never materialized. Tried to get a Nomad, but no frame in my size was available (unless you pay craaazy amounts of money via an import), so that canalized my "options" into the world of 650b. I know I sound a bit 26" puristic, but im actually not, I just want options! Options are good for all of us.

You won this time bike-industry. And you will probably win next time as well, roll in the 28inch wheel.... : /


  1. You can always sell the 650b wheels for a good price and buy few formerly high priced 26" wheelsets ;)