Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Preview: YT Capra CF Comp 1 2015

So I got a new bike. After nearly 5 years on my Canfield Brothers ONE, it was due time for a change. (The Canfield has done a damn good job btw) So say hallo to the 2015 YT Capra CF Comp 1, check out the specs HERE.

And here she is. 160mm front, 165mm rear, 650b wheels, head angle at a slack 65,2 °, and a seattube angle at 75 °. A low toptube and low bottom bracket. Just the way I like it.
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Back on a carbon frame.
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Rockshox Pike up front, Monarch Plus in the rear, SRAM X1 drivetrain, E13 TRS+ wheels.
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13.07 kg or 28.75 Lbs. I changed the following stuff on it allready; Bar, stem, both tires, grips and seat. Pushing it below 13kg will be relatively easy.
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Initial impressions are as follows (remember this is a preview);

The good:

-Climbs amazingly
-Pike is friggin amazing in its beginng-to-mid stroke.
-Low toptube and low bottom bracket
-Surprisingly agile
-Fun to ride
-Bike feels stiff
-Quality and finish
-E13 wheels where actually easy to convert to tubeless *falls of chair*

The bad:
-Pike handles big hits poorly
-You sit on the bike, not in the bike
-Mornarch Plus is unimpressive

I will be doing a full review after some more testing. I need waaay more testing! Stay tuned.


  1. why the option for the yt capra?

  2. yes that´s right

  3. Because of the geometry, and the value for money : )